Americans Want More Safe, Walkable Neighborhoods


According to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, Americans are moving away from buying the biggest house possible, in favor of neighborhoods with good sidewalks and a mix of businesses, stores, and residences within a short walking distance.


Numerous studies have shown that more walking contributes to better health, better socialization and extended life expectancies; therefore, many wish to benefit from this knowledge.

While urban planners have begun in earnest to plot ways of incorporating walkable areas into future neighborhoods, it will be up to the people inside those communities to ensure that walkable spaces are an asset people will want to use at any time of day. MyVirtualNeighbor hopes to facilitate that endeavor.

“As people gravitate towards walkable neighborhoods, knowing our neighbors will become increasingly important, as we want to walk around places that are safe. We want to walk our dogs in areas which are safe especially at any hour of the day. Creating a platform where we can share our localized experiences could foster strong bonds between strangers who live around each other so that rather than just exchanging a smile in passing, that smile can be turned into a dialogue, turning new relationships into new opportunities for safety,” says Amit Mehta, Founder of MyVirtualNeighbor.

Source: GOOD, Feb. 2012

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